it always goes different

Finally it rains in Chile. I hardly remember the sound of rain on the roof. The winter started definitly now. With Corona this will be a tough winter, very tough...

But that is not what I want to write about in this first - short - blog. No, this is about things always going different than planned. You know, because this is normal to all of us, I think.

To get to the point right away, I am a 64 old guy with Parkinsons disease. Playing the piano as long as I remember (ofcourse), it was strange to find out that I didnt like making music anymore and it was strange to find out that my left hand could not play piano or guitar anymore... Parkinson explained it all... Then electronic music crossed my path. Loops, synths, launchpads, buttons and knobs everywhere, software and fllters. All new to me, all exiting to me. 

The first of january 2020 I decided to leave my design office for what it was and make a most unexpected career change: musician. A few performances per week and I would be stresslessly happy, which I am aiming for because of my condition. Playing around my house here in Chile, but also in Colombia and Curaçao, where I am planning to live part of the year to play on those beautiful beaches...

Although I suffer from Parkinson, how bright can your future be, right?

Corona puts the world upside down! At this very moment - quarantine time in Chile (june 2020) I am expirimenting with storytelling music. Something like film music, but without a film... Never thought I would be conductor of a philharmonic orchestra, trying to get all notes in place. Never thought I would get the time for that. But, you know, things always go differently than planned.

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